Memory Lane Traffic Jam - Icecream Hands

Label:Rubber Records
Highlights:Is It Your Electric Chair?
Embarrassment Head
Early Morning Frost
Go When You Want To
Is It Already Too Late?

Rating: 9/10

Although it was criminally ignored by radio here in Australia, Memory Lane Traffic Jam is jam-packed full of brilliant pop songs and deservedly received rave reviews both at home and overseas. Even after listening to the opening track, Is It Your Electric Chair, itís easy to see why; strong arrangements, intelligent chord changes and lyrics as well as Beatlesque harmonies that arenít too overly sweet. However, the most vital ingredient of all is the brilliant voice of Charles Jenkins, which is best heard in such songs as the elegant Early Morning Frost and Leave Us Kittens Alone. Other highlights include the swirling guitar of Embarrassment Head and the should-have-been-hit Supermarket Scene, with its intelligent observations of nightclubs and pickup lines. Jenkins is well supported by bassist Doug Robertson, who also has a great voice and contributes 3 perfect pop songs of his own; Paper Bird, Here We Go ĎRound Now and the insanely catchy Go When You Want To. However, the best track is left to last. Is It Already Too Late is the albums centrepiece with its crescending chorus, breathtaking background vocals and tender lyrics. A fantastic way to end a great album.

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